Norwood PD

Norwood, Ohio Police Department

The Norwood Police Department was established in 1903 and serves approx. 19,000 residents within 3.12 square miles, which is broken up into 4 districts. The NPD is currently comprised of 47 full time officers and has four Patrol divisions. These divisions include:

Uniformed Patrol: There are 32 officers in the Uniformed Patrol. These are the officers who respond to calls from dispatch and are the ones that most will have contact with.

Detective (C.I.S.): There are 5 officers assigned to this unit. C.I.S. is responsible for investigating crimes reported throughout the city.

Drug Unit: There are 4 officers assigned to this unit of which one is assigned to the D.E.A. This unit investigates all complaints of drug activity in Norwood.

Canine Unit: There is 1 officer assigned to this unit.

Accreditation Program Manager: There is one member assigned to this unit. His task is to implement the CALEA Accreditation Process. For more information visit

Administrative Section: There are two members assigned to this division. The Administrative Section is responsible for all areas that support the Patrol and Criminal Investigation Sections of the Norwood Police Department; including: Records and IT Maintenance, Crime Prevention, Community Relations, and various school related functions.

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