Statement Of Coors Text

Na me plea se? Joe Coors -1818 Lincoln Ave., Norwood.
Were you in La wson's Drug store tonight? I came in about 10~20 to 10-25,
I sat down at the fountain and ordered a CocaCola. A man w as sitting
to my right, with one vacant stool between us. He had a Coke in front of
him with a straw in it. He had his right band on the glass. The next time
I noticed him was when he w as in front of me, walking over to La wson
at the cash register. He took the money out of the cash register. I was
thinking of kidding Lawson about letting people take money out of the regist
when he came behind me and said "sit Still" I heard him open the other
cash register. The he said Have you got any more money in your wallet or
(maybe it was vault that he said). He went toward the back, and I heard
him say "You too olf fellow, or I'll let you have it." Then there was a
scuffle and a shot, and I ran and as I was running across the street I
heard the other shots." I ran west on Courtland and saw nothing else.
Joseph W Coors