Statement Of Perkins

Below is a statement in reference to the murder of Officer Anthony Overberg

What Is your name. Robert Perkins
Address? L936 Courtland Ave., Norwood, Ohio
Were you in Lawson's Drug Store on July 8, 1942?
I wa s in the store about 10 o'clock.
Who was in the store? Tony Overberg, Howard La wson. Dick and his wife,
the little Lucking girl and myself.
No one else? Tha t's all.
Did you hear the shooting in the store? yes, about five or ten minutes after
I left the store.
Where were you? Sitiing on my front steps.
How many shots did you hear? Four, three together then a pause then a fourth
one. the Fourth one broke the bottles because I heard the glass.
What did you do? I ran over to the store.
Did you see anyone come out of the store? Yes, Joe Coors the first person,
who went west on Courtland, and a man I didn’t know. He went east on
Courtland and crossed Allison. He was the width of the street away from
me- I was on the north side and he was running on the south side.
How was he dressed? Light brown slack suit with open coat shirt udnerneasth.
Did he stagger as he ran? As he turned the corner he staggered, but he then
straightened out and ran full speed. I ran on into the store because I
 could hear the screaming.
Did you notice anything else about the man? He was stuffing something e int
his pocket as he ran. He had curly hair and no hat.
What did you do when you went into the store? I went directly into the
rear where I had seen Tony sitting. He was getting very weak, but was
conscious. He said, I can't breathe. He didn't say anything about
the man to me.
Where was La wson when you came into the store? I didn't see him.
What did you do with Overberg? He was crouched ip a corner, the corner
between the telephone booth and the display stand with his head toward
the door and lying on his right side. I turned him over.
What did Lawson say when you first saw him after the shooting?  We
[bandits’ gun] found gun right at Tony's right shoulder. Lawson said I just called
the police and the ambulabce is on its way.
Would you recognize the man if you sa w him again? No I wouldn't.

Robert Perkins