Employment With The NPD - dispatcher

Dispatcher - The City of Norwood is currently accepting applications for the position of part time dispatcher in our Communications Center. Applications can be found online at norwoodpolice.org or can be picked up in person at the main desk of the Norwood Police Department, 4701 Montgomery Rd.  The completed application can be returned by email to rmurphy@norwoodpolice.org or in person to the main desk. The deadline to turn in the application is Friday, August 25th at 12:00 pm.

Minimum Employment Requirements:

- High school diploma or GED
 - Ability to read, write and speak English
 - Clean criminal history

 Essential Job Functions

 - Operate a multi-line telephone console system, alerting system, and TDD system for the deaf and hearing-impaired
 - Translate information to the appropriate codes
 - Determine and assign the level of priority of the call and enter the data into a computer-aided dispatch system for radio dispatch purposes
 - Ask vital questions and provide pre-arrival instructions for emergency medical calls
 - Monitor and operate a radio console and computer equipment
 - Receive and respond to a variety of emergency and non-emergency services and complaints
 - Ask questions to interpret, analyze and anticipate the caller's situation as to resolve problems, provide information, dispatch emergency services, or refer callers to other agencies
 - Dispatch and coordinate the responses of public safety agencies
 - Identify appropriate number and type of equipment or apparatus to dispatch
 - Enters and modifies information into local, state and national computer databases
 - Monitor and respond to a variety of technical systems and alarms

Starting pay is approximately $16 per hour and increases to approximately $18 per hour after a six month probationary period.

For additional information or questions you can contact Lt. Ron Murphy rmurphy@norwoodpolice.org or by phone 458-4545.

Employment Application - Dispatcher(PDF)