When is it appropriate to call 911

When is it appropriate to call 911:
Dispatch at Norwood PD

  • A person is hurting someone else
  • A person is hurt and needs help
  • A person is committing a theft offense.
  • Visible smoke or fire

For any call that does not meet the above criteria call: (513) 458-4520

Reporting Emergencies

Callers are asked to give the following information:

  • Name, address and phone number
  • Type of incident
  • Whether the crime is in progress or has already happened and when it happened (if known)
  • Details of the incident, which may include: type of weapon, descriptions of suspects, license plate numbers, direction of travel or other details

Callers are asked to remain on the telephone to assist the dispatcher as much as possible. The more information given to the police, the better the emergency can be served. Safety is key and the caller and his/her family should stay out of harm’s way. After the incident is reported, it is a good idea for the caller to write down everything that happened, as they may be contacted for additional information.